Sep 27, 2017

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Designing Repeat Patterns-A Closer Look

As a pre-cursor to design patterns in the previous article in this series I looked at common signs to over engineering your design by forcing a design pattern that doesn’t fit. One important point I made was not starting with a design pattern and opting to refactor to one when you know it’s necessary. Not over complicating your design with the noise of trying to fit a pattern into it before you know your design really requires one. If you have taken this approach it is at this point that your design has had some time to incubate on its own; stand, or crumble under its own supports. In the case of crumbling supports you have identified a hole in your design. So what do you do with any hole? Search for the right size shape to plug it! Here’s how.

Describe the hole your design pattern will fill-What type of hole is it that sits in your design? Since you are looking for a design pattern to fill the hole describe the problem as it relates to the three types of design patterns; creational, structural or behavioral. The goal here is to identify and narrow down the list of possible design patterns. So, is your problem a creational one? A Structural one? or a behavioral one? Once you have identified the type you have narrowed the list of options by two thirds. you can try these out

How to identify the problem-Here are some tips on determining what type of problem you have. Creational, if you are trying to separate the process of object construction and object use. Typically patterns like the Singleton, Factory, Abstract Factory and Builder. Structural – If you are trying to interface to a sub-system, connect to an interface your system doesn’t support or provide a flexible storage structure for adding and manipulating objects.. Adapters, Bridges, Composites and Façade’s are good examples. Behavioral, If the primary concern is how you access objects, perform operations on them and otherwise interact with them consider patterns like the Command, Iterator, Observer, Strategy and Visitor. It should be noted that the list above is far from exhaustive. Just an example of what you might be looking for.


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Aug 11, 2017

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Painters Dublin- An Intro

Making the decision to improve the outlook of your house is not one easy step. You have to invest in getting a qualified professional painter who can give your home value as well as make it look appealing. Arlington painting contractors understand your needs and have prepared the following advice for you. When hiring a paint contractor, you are paying them to provide you with professional service. This is the basis of your argument and you should not accept anything less but the best. Therefore, do not give in to less quality work or something that is not appealing to you. If unsatisfied by any work, make it clear and have them repeat the job.

Most great painting contractors Dublin has to offer will not only tell you they have insurance. They will show proof of it and present you with relevant details of their credentials. Besides credentials, you will also appreciate good work policy. That means, they should be able to carry out the work and after they finish and you are satisfied, their payment can follow. Guarantee for a job well done is highly appreciated factor by most clients. Your contractor should therefore be in a position to offer you warranties on the job. You have to be sure they used the best quality of paints, and that their work is going to last longer.

A good business is one which is willing to go an extra mile to satisfy you as the client. Most paint contractors should be willing to go out of their way to satisfy you. This is the best reward a contractor should get and it cannot be compared to money or another thing. A satisfied customer is the reason the most ideal Fort Worth painters wake up in the morning and head out to work.

When it comes to pricing, you have to take the following measures into consideration. It is okay to compare different quotes but your decision should not be based on the lowest or highest quote. Base your choice on the value you get from a contractor rather than how high or how low their quote is. Checking the business bureau rating a contractor has is very much important. This is where you know how their past business records have been and the experience of their past clients. If there are complaints, you will learn of them and probably know what to expect from Arlington painting contractors.

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